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About Quex

We’re on a quest to quench an everlasting need for high quality tech products. Mobility of devices calls for a unprecedented need for a functional yet great looking products. QUEX is a fusion of style and quality which provides accessories to suit the modern lifestyle.

Designed in United States of America, QUEX has highly innovative, stylish product portfolio to keep up with the fashion. We take every design as a challenge and follow through to the end to ensure that the product should outperform under all potential conditions. With our highest quality components and stringent manufacturing standards we ensure that our products keep delivering value to user for the longest time.


Commitment in providing best quality warranty covered products to our customers is our motto. Supported by the best quality material sustainability of strength of our cables. Our other products come with a much needed one year manufacturer warranty. Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless but we try our best to bring to our customers affordable yet standardized accessories.

A satisfied customer to us is not just a business strategy but our aim lies into making them into loyal customers who would not just be a user of our products but a propagator for the same. Our products will continue to reminiscence its user the promise of quality not just made but delivered.

The feedback from our customers is of utmost importance to us it not just motivates us but also encourages us to grow. The valued feedback will help us to do the same things but in much better way, we receive it with sincerity and put it use to bring out the best in our capacities. We don’t listen to hear but to understand and overcome our short commings.

Compromising on quality would be like compromising in the trust that our customers put in us .We have and will try to stay at par with the quality that our consumers expect. Making our products reasonable with no quality compromises is that what sets us apart from the masses. Our products are a result of excellent work and collective effort of our designers and tech team , we promise to deliver the best.